There are no prerequisites for the PPSC certification. The PPSC course is intended for, but not limited to, fitness, performance and rehabilitation professionals. We also have a number of fitness enthusiasts who train on their own who attend the course.

Your receipt will be emailed to you at the address you enter on the purchase page. This automated receipt may end up in your spam/junk folder.

There are no study or course materials needed before the event. There will be emails sent out the two Mondays preceding the event to remind and update the attendees with any specific information that may have changed.

Wear athletic clothing. Please bring your own foam roller and if possible, bring a pull-up band. Bring a yoga mat or a towel if you’d like, as we generally are spread out on the gym floor or turf.

There is no real strenuous workout at any point of the event, however, every 30 minutes or so we will be moving in practical sections and the cumulative amount of movement can add up to an easy to moderately challenging workout.

Yes, if you’re injured you can attend. You simply would NOT participate in any exercise that would be ill advised for you. You can coach by pointing and talking, getting the practice of the coaching which is the focus of the course.

The course curriculum is found on the page of each event.

Contact Us at info@getppsc.com

CEU approval varies by organization. The PPSC is pre-approved for 1.6 credits through NASM and 1.5 credit through ACE. Other organizations require a manual submission of the course for their associated CEU’s. Canfitpro is also pre-approved, as are ceu’s with physical therapy in all states.

Tickets are non-refundable, but event fees may be applied to any future event within the following year. In the unlikely event the seminar sponsor and/or host must cancel an event in its entirety, registrants may choose to receive a refund of paid event fees or credit toward a future event within the following year.

We do, please email ​info@getppsc.com​ for details

Yes, you can pay for an event in two payments. That option is on the sales page as “split payment”. If you need assistance with this please email info@getppsc.com

Certification Exams

You will take the exam online, on the PPSC site after the certification weekend. We will email with specific instructions after the course.

There are 30 questions and you must receive an 80% (24 correct) to pass. You may retake the exam as needed in order to pass.

Once you pass the exam, you will receive your certificate as a pdf to download on the site.