Functional Kettlebell Training (FKT)

Functional Kettlebell Training Certification

The 2-Day Functional Kettlebell Certification is reshaping what can be done with the kettlebell for you and your clients.

Traditionally the kettlebell is taught in one of two ways: hardstyle or competition style. The problem here is, of course, that many people enjoy or need more than one single option of how to use and be successful with a tool.

The FKT program teaches it’s participants how to use the kettlebell and ways that take advantage of it’s unique shape in the patterns: SQUAT | HINGE | LUNGE | PUSH | PULL | CARRY.

  • The FKT is unlike other kb certs. In fact, we barely cover basic squats and deadlifts because that isn’t unique to kb training.
  • Other certs teach 6 exercises, in one style and call everything else “wrong”. The FKT understands that different people need different options, and as such every drill we teach provides safe and effective options to accomplish the same goals. FKT is non-dogmatic in its’ approach.
  • The FKT has no performance test as part of the certification. We only care that you learn how to teach and program the exercises.

Upon completion of the FKT you will be confident in how to utilize the Kettlebell to uniquely load many variations of swings, cleans, snatches, presses, rows, windmills, getups, squats and more.

The FKT curriculum is built around 2 days: fundamentals and progressions.


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