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David Otey

Trap Bar Deadlifting: Selecting Your Variations

Trap Bar Deadlifting has gained major momentum in gyms all over the world. More and more, we see coaches, trainers, and enthusiasts looking to the trap bar for their deadlifting options. This I LOVE to see! The Trap bar brings so many benefits to training that for years got overlooked[…]

Kevin Mullins

Free Weights Vs. Machines: The Functional Debate

As it seems to be with most things in the modern era, the debate amongst fitness professionals regarding the most effective training tools is a polarizing trough of unchecked bias. This is especially true with the free weights vs. machines argument. Ironically, like most hot-button topics, most fitness professionals (who[…]

Julie Shiller

3 Reasons Why Strength Training Is More Important Than Ever Before

Whether you’re operating from an in-person or virtual model, if you’re a coach in 2021, you’re guaranteed to work with clients who are experiencing stress and trauma in some capacity. The research tells us that the most stressful life events are related to workplace and financial stress such as moving[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Building A Big Following On Social Media is Worthless

Building a “BIG” following on social media is worthless…   What you should be focusing on is building a STRONG & LOYAL following that consists of:   1) YOUR SPECIFIC CLIENT/COLLEAGUE AVATAR 2) PEOPLE WHO ARE BOUGHT INTO YOUR CONTENT 3) SUPPORTERS WHO ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR YOUR CONTENT[…]

David Otey

When Corrective Exercise Doesn’t Make Sense

A client comes in to work with you and they generally have a long list of goals: lose weight, build muscle mass, feel better, etc. In the process of onboarding this person you start to find that their movement patterns don’t line up with what they need to do in[…]

Christian Guerrero

Build Your Business Like a Pro – 10 Principles for Success

The Elephant in the Room… For far too long, personal training has been considered a passion or hobbyist business. Most personal trainers are empathetic people, we started this career because we had a passion for physical activity & wanted to help others. As personal trainers, we love talking the scientific[…]

John Rusin and David Otey

How Much Does Personal Training Cost!?

No matter how many coaches I talk to, the same questions always comes up in conversation: how much should I be charging? There can be an automatic “it depends” response attached to that questions but it gets asked so much for a reason. Most coaches out there really have no[…]

Gini Grimsley

Training the Former Athlete

Almost everyone in fitness or strength & conditioning wants to work with athletes at some point early in their career. But what happens to these athletes once they hang up their proverbial cleats? We know that many of the gen pop clients we take on have 30 plus years of[…]

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