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Christian Guerrero

Summer Health Guide 101

Guide to Summer Shred In my humble opinion, getting shredded for the summer is a lot easier if you stay lean all year round. We are ALWAYS on a diet, the question is, is your diet congruent with the lifestyle you want to live?   Getting lean and staying lean[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Make Super Sets Super Again

  I see this mistake made ALL the time, pairing two loaded spine dependent exercises together. AKA two exercises that have the core and/or lower back highly active to maintain position. While this seems like an “innocent” programming mistake, it actually breaks the cardinal rule of smarter pain-free superset pairings[…]

Garrett Sawaia

One Size Fits All Does Not Work In Fitness

When it comes to feeling your best, things like clothing and food portions aren’t labeled as “one-size-fits-all”, so why should fitness be any different? In a world where fitness is now just a click of a button away on the internet….. Online Training Programs and Follow Along Workouts have been[…]

Dr. John Rusin

The Art of Exercise Selection

Once you “UNLOCK” the top of each movement pattern pyramid, should you ALWAYS train at the top forever in order to elicit a strong pain-free training effect? This is a question that we commonly get at the PPSC, even from experienced coaches. And many times, the question stems from the[…]

Kevin Mullins

5 Questions to Discover Your Clients “Why”

  Close your eyes and put yourself in the seat of any prospective training client in any fitness facility anywhere in the world. Imagine meeting this new trainer, buff as they are, and feeling equal parts excited and terrified. Visualize being taken toward some chairs that are tucked away from[…]

Joshua Evans

Top 9 Mace Exercises For Strength and Performance

  Have you ever been on social media and watched your favorite trainer swing around this metal stick with a heavy ball attached at the end, then think to yourself…what the hell is that thing? I had the same reaction when I saw someone using a Steel Mace for the[…]

David Otey

The Wrist: Anatomy and Exercise Alterations

Hips, Shoulders, Lumbopelvic We hear all about the joints that place a large burden on our day to day lives but for some reason we miss one. The Wrist It’s no secret we need to use our hands to complete most of the activities we do throughout our days but[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Phase 5 – Foundational Movement Development

  Lets talk a little Phase 5 movement pattern prep, shall we?! One of the most versatile exercises that doesn’t get nearly enough credit (especially in the warm up) for it’s ability to mobilize and strengthen at novel end ranges is the lateral lunge. For many of my clients, I[…]

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