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Justin Farnsworth

Why Strength Matters: Fighting Fragility and Living Limitless

We live in a world that is more obese, stressed out, inactive and has a higher rate of chronic disease than EVER before. If you don’t believe me, just look at the statistics that state that 1/3 of our CHILDREN are overweight and at risk for type-2 diabetes! This is[…]



Should you pick unilateral or bilateral lifts? YES. Should you pick offset or symmetrical loads? YES. Should you pick long or short range of motion? YES.   Look, it ALL works. There are benefits to each, and so you should be doing it all. The challenge is fitting it all[…]

David Otey

Unlocking Strength – Secrets to Single Arm Pressing

There isn’t a super secret formula to getting really strong. I mean, there may be some techniques here and there that people debate about but when you look at it from a bird’s eye view, it’s all very similar. If you want to get strong you are going to need[…]

Christian Guerrero

Breathing – Are you Surviving or Thriving?

  BREATHING – THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT PATTERN Breathing or Respiration (the two will be used interchangeably from here on out); is an action that we do upwards of 20,000 times a day. Unfortunately, many of us don’t give much thought to it. At the bare minimum, we need to[…]

David Otey

Deconstructing the Pull-Up – The Most Suppressed Exercise

It’s more common than ever to see people with exercise specific goals. While I am not the biggest fan of exercise based goals, what it has done is opened up the world of fitness to an entirely new demographic – the disempowered. Yes, you read that right, DISEMPOWERED. Pull ups[…]

Shane McLean

6 Sensory System Exercises for Health and Performance

Long before I was a trainer, I saw the devastating effects of losing balance and falling. My grandmother not once but twice fell and broke both of her hips on separate occasions. Her mobility was severely affected for the rest of her life. As a certified trainer and a Silver[…]

Charley Gould

Risks vs. Rewards of Barbell Good Mornings: Are They Worth It?

Perhaps no exercise rose to infamy more quickly than barbell good mornings when, in 1969, Bruce Lee reportedly blew out his back while performing them. He had to take a layoff from training for a long period of time thereafter, and while he did get back to training (to no[…]

Justin Farnsworth

Soft Skills – The Key to Unlocking the Client/Trainer Relationship

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW **Soft skills (communication, critical thinking, leadership, attitude, etc) are extremely hard to quantify but extremely important to develop in the health and wellness industry. **The way you talk and interact with your clients will have a profound impact on their performance. **Learning to be good[…]

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