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Dr. John Rusin

Continued Education – Quick How-To Guide

Quick professional education productivity tip for our PPSC Coaches who want to study up daily, but are crunched for time… Have a goal for STUDYING one single article per day When it comes to reading, learning, mastering, applying and making a method automatic, we need more than headlines and scrolls.[…]

Logan Dubé

The Perfect Cueing Formula

As a former club manager one of the things that was always really obvious to me when interviewing a potential hire was that a more experienced trainer had a good cueing vocabulary and often repeated useful cues across different exercises (i.e. core, posture, breathing and motivation,). A new trainer tended[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Basic Variables for Client Success Most Coaches Overlook

“Losing weight and being healthy is as simple as exercising MORE and eating LESS! Calories in versus calories out!” How many times have we heard this statement? While it does have merit (math does, indeed, matter) it’s not quite that simple. If it was would our western society have the[…]

Logan Dubé

5 Powerful Coaching Questions for Progress and Results

What do you do with “difficult” clients? The ones who show up late, skip sessions, disregard your advice, sabotage themselves, lack focus, lack dedication & consistency or push back against your recommendations. The hypochondriacs, the Dr. Google & Professor YouTube lovers, the know-it-alls, the scaredy-cats… I could go on. We’ve[…]

David Otey

4 Mistakes All New Trainers Make

Fresh off getting certified, its easy to get stuck in the tornado that is misinformation and misdirection. I mean, I remember it. I started as a trainer at Werblin Gym at Rutgers University and ultimately got my start in commercial gyms at Gold’s Gym. Starting as a trainer is a[…]

Dr. John Rusin

The Most Undervalued Joint – The Shoulder

SHOULDER PAIN IS THE #1 PAIN POINT IN THE ACTIVE POPULATION. BUT HOW COMMON IS IT REALLY? Sometimes to attempt to put some perspective on the unquantifiable such as the percentage of active population currently dealing with shoulder pain, you gotta skip PubMed and go to where the true knowledge[…]

Ben Racke

Stop Falling for Fads and Quick Fixes

  We truly don’t have a weight loss problem in America. I know what you’re thinking, so allow me to explain. Around six out of every seven people who are overweight are able to lose weight in their lifetime. Fantastic. The not-so-good news is that after a year 35% of[…]

Christian Guerrero

Summer Health Guide 101

Guide to Summer Shred In my humble opinion, getting shredded for the summer is a lot easier if you stay lean all year round. We are ALWAYS on a diet, the question is, is your diet congruent with the lifestyle you want to live?   Getting lean and staying lean[…]

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