Continued Education – Quick How-To Guide

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Quick professional education productivity tip for our PPSC Coaches who want to study up daily, but are crunched for time…

Have a goal for STUDYING one single article per day

When it comes to reading, learning, mastering, applying and making a method automatic, we need more than headlines and scrolls.

Now that’s a tough ask for many, as social media (and likely your inbox) is flooding information at you, desperate for attention. But here’s how we get past the superficial scroll…

Go Straight to the Source

Go directly to websites that create quality curated content, articles and videos, SKIP the social media scene.

I’ve used this tactic for more than a decade. When I want to learn, when I want to get my thinking cap on, I manually type in the address to a handful of my favorite sites and READ.

The first read through is to dip my feet in. The second read through I make notes and highlight. And the third (yes, I’m a crazy person and ready 3 times) is think tanking on how I can apply to my coaching or clients.

The average articles takes 5-7 minutes to read (actual reading). So instead of bull shitting 3-4 articles per day, or simply scrolling your IG feed, take that 20 or so minutes and fucking MASTER something.


If you adhere to this process, you will not only grow your knowledge, but advance your action taking with clients.


The Social Media Substitute

Maybe you don’t have the same time you had allocated for reading articles that day. That’s okay, we all have days where we get in a pinch for time.

If you are going to dive into the messy feed of social media looking to find some content with depth and application to your development, you are going to need a system for that:



Social media can seem like the enemy at many points, especially if you don’t know how to navigate it. Learn to be efficient with Social Media and leverage it for all of its good.


The Goal

At the end of the day, what’s the point of knowing something exists if you cannot apply it?

The power is in APPLICATION.

Find the content that resonates with you and your clients to make a more informed decision in your coaching, programming, and continuing education. Carry these principles and tips with you to attack your continuing education with a plan of action!

Now, lets get back to working, reading and getting better every damn day. I know that’s what you’re here for!





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