Episode 42 – Justin Farnsworth, Victoria Liu, David Skonik, Dan Swinscoe – PT Braintrust

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On Today’s episode of the podcast we are so lucky to be able to get the Physical Therapist’s of the PPSC teaching team all on for one braintrust episode. We had Justin Farnsworth, Victoria Liu, David Skolnik, and Dan Swinscoe on to discuss PT and some of the nuance in training and rehab. All 4 of these PT’s are the top in their field and range from all over the US between NY, Arizona, Cali, and Washington.

This was a long one and we may have to do this again because of how smooth it was and how much diverse information we got.

Strap in!


2:00 – Intro’s

8:00 – Why YOU Should (Usually) Go to a Cash Based PT

20:00 – Not All Surgeries Are Inevitable

28:00 – What They Can’t Stand About PT

35:00 – The Rotary Club (Rotator Cuff)

41:30 – Preventing Rotator Cuff Tears

50:00 – Vertical Pressing

1:16:00 – Random Facts


Follow these 4 on Instagram Justin Farnsworth (@drjustinfarnsworth), Victoria Liu (@ironptmom), David Skolnik (@dr.davidskolnik.dpt), and Dan Swinscoe (@danswinscoe)


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