I am a PPSC Masters Trainer located in Salem, Oregon. I have over 17 years in the Strength and Conditioning/ Human Performance Specialist field. Until recently I was working in a clinical setting with local physical therapists and continue to develop a strong professional network. I specialize with post-operative and post rehabilitation clients as well as athletes. However, I spent a great deal with all types of clients from high-school and collegiate athletes, weight loss, fitness models, high performers, tactical teams (SWAT), elderly and general health and fitness. My belief is to build and develop a strong foundation and continue to progress off of those efforts. I hold numerous recognized certifications and education credentials including Nationally Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, Pain Free Performance Masters Specialist, Former University of Portland Strength Coach, Precision Nutrition Practitioner, Rock Tape Certified, Champion Performance Specialist, Certified High-School Strength & Conditioning Coach, Strength & Sports Performance Coach, EXOS Performance Specialist, Mental Performance Mastery Coach, ISSA Strength and Conditioning Coach, USA Baseball Smart Pitch Coach, to name a few. I look forward to guiding and encouraging you on your health and fitness journey. Let me know how we can begin your transformation. Adam

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