Personal Training Leader | Master Trainer

NASM CPT, BCS, PPSC  |  Behavior Change & Life Optimization Coach  |  Body Recomposition Specialist

Life Time Columbus, Ohio

—————————————————————— Andrew is a former Division 1 Athlete and has been a student and practitioner in the health and wellness arena for over 25 years. Learning and applying a diverse selection of mindset coaching, strength training, conditioning, nutrition, and human optimization protocols both to himself and the clients he is responsible for coaching. Andrew is passionate about taking a comprehensive approach to health, fitness, nutrition, and the lifestyle integration of each, with the aim of achieving total health optimization - Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Spirit. Andrew enjoys training centered around the six foundational movement patterns, teaching biofeedback; enhancing the neurological connection with the muscles and body re-composition. His coaching focuses on sustainable, intuitive based training, nutrition and lifestyle protocols.




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