Hi my name is Brendan Van Dyck and I am a certified fitness coach and nutritionist. My passion for health and fitness is rooted in my own journey as I transformed myself inside and out. I haven’t always been fit and healthy and I pushed myself to overcome many physical and mental obstacles to bring me where I am today.

Now I’m living a life with a high amount of physical activity, seeking a strong long life. This journey of mine has made me realize that my purpose is the constant pursuit of knowledge in fitness and health so that I can help others reach their own unique health goals, regardless of obstacles.

I have since helped my clients lose weight, build muscle, increase mobility, master nutrition, and improve their bodies holistically. With my background in Physical Therapy, I am able to focus on injuries and injury prevention. With an emphasis on proper movement patterns I implement a combination of body building, HIIT, olympic style weight lifting and mobility for my workouts.

My programs are tailored to the individual with the key concept of balance. You don’t have to sacrifice all the things you love to get fit. At Rooted Strength we focus on key nutrition strategies and build off of those to create lasting change. We will give you the tools to get your dream body while eating and doing the things you love.

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