I haven't always been a trainer. My funny story - I was actually an Accounting and IT Manager. But I have always been passionate about Fitness! So much so that I switched careers to become a Certified Personal Trainer with a Specialization in Sports Nutrition. I'm passionate about helping others be in the best shape of their life. I'm a former trainer at Equinox DTLA and YMCA of East Los Angeles. Today, I train privately, and mostly via referral. I believe that if you have good, quality clients and they refer you, their friends will end up being good, quality clients. And so on. I'm not your traditional trainer with a ton of social media. In fact, my only social outlet is an Etsy about me section. Social media can be a dangerous vehicle and obstacle to wellness and health. So, I don't post videos to hype me up. You know if you're a good trainer or not, and I know I am. And I believe my work with clients will speak for itself. I aim to teach, to support, to assist and facilitate improvements in alignment and movement patterns. I've often told colleagues and clients, "trainers are a dime a dozen. What separates one trainer from another is knowledge of the WHY." When people find out I'm a trainer, they ask me a million questions on how to fix this movement or that. At Equinox, we were designated "Movement Specialist." And I hang my hat on that. My goal is to help clients see improvements and get results as they work toward their fitness goals. I specialize in mobility, before stability and strength because I believe that once you lose mobility, strength and stability will always be compromised. You can always get stronger. You can always get more stable. But once mobility is compromised, you're a leaking boat floating in the water. My programming focuses on mobility, functional training, strength training and nutrition. And I am passionate about helping you get in the best shape of your life by providing you the knowledge and tools to improve how you move daily!




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