ELITE Personal Trainer at Fitness World Cambie. I help people get stronger, out of pain, and empowered in and outside of the gym with strength training, stability training and functional movement/correcting muscles imbalances.

I am certified in TRX Suspension Trainer, Kettlebell Science, TriggerPoint Multi Tool Mobility, Hypervolt, TRX RIP Trainer, Intro to Functional Patterns, Bodyweight Strength and Mobility, Theraputic Fascial Mobility, NashFIT1, NashFIT 2, Rehab Shoulders, GT12 Small Group Personal Training, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Dotfit, Barbell Strength, and PPSC. I’m currently working on my GGS-1. 

I grew up overweight and sedentary, got into resistance training in high school and fell in love with fitness and  challenging my mindset, started playing rugby in grade 12. I played rugby for a couple years until I got really bad concussions and found out my body was too hypermobile to play contact sports and not get hurt so I retired and chose to peruse my passion for fitness and helping people into a career. 2.5 Years later here I am! Then in 2020-2021 I did some powerlifting and strength training is what I love it do.  


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