Exercise has been a passion of mine for all my life. I grew up playing sports and am still very active on a daily basis. In high school I suffered an injury that caused me to miss 2 years of sports. I.T. Band syndrome. This was so debilitating to me that I was unable to walk without extreme pain in my legs. After months of stretching, foam rolling, physical therapy and diet changes I found that all of those things were helping but not riding the pain. It wasn't until I stumbled upon an article addressing proper running technique that my pain would cease. Once I learned how to run with proper form (mid-foot strike, not heel-strike) the pain was gone. something so simple made such a profound impact.

I now help others live a pain-free life by giving proper technique training and exercise programming. I'm thankful for the PPSC that has enhanced my knowledge and given me the tools I need to help others live pain-free as well.




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