Growing up I was always the overweight kid, being the biggest in my class came with a lot of ridicule. So naturally I would stay indoors and never try to better my situation/health. Until one day in High School a few friends convinced me to try weightlifting with them in a gym. The rest was history. I began spending all my time learning how to diet, how to properly lift and how to find new ways to move my body. I began with weightlifting then added cardio, eventually I moved on to learning about different flows such as Yoga. Yet I never really found a passion until I began training my friends and family. Over the course of the past 10 years I have worked to create my own body weight programs, compete in a physique challenge, and began running 5k’s. I was able to drop from a size 42 waist to a size 28, 30 percent body fat to 7 percent and I began to rock climb and took up boxing along with calisthenics. I have also become certified Animal flow to not only get stronger but be able to move my body by going back to basics.

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