At Renu we have a few missions we're passionate about.

One is to be the referral destination for medical professionals when their patients need a safe place to progress after Physical Therapy or when they need to improve their health while not causing further harm.

Second is to help adults healthy or with medical challenges achieve their best version of themselves turning back the clock. We often help prepare members for joint replacement surgeries improving the outcomes, radically diminishing recovery times and improving their pain tolerances many times not requiring heavy pain medication.

Our fitness professionals have their degrees in the field as well as one of the top 4 nationally accredited fitness credentials and deeper specializations.

Renu also believes in reaching the next generation with the launch of the Youth Conditioning and Sports Performance Program. Developing a strong foundation with appropriate challenges systematically preparing them for the sports, activities and life to come, instilling in them a healthy and positive experience with exercise at an early age.

With over 25 years of personal experience, 8 of those located in the Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Institute Renu has a unique history.

About the Founder:

Dino Nowak may have earned an engineering degree from RIT but his true passion has been building the human body. He is an ACSM Exercise Physiologist, ACE Medical and Orthopaedic,  Older Adult and FAI Functional Aging Specialist to name a few of his credentials.

Dino is a 25 year plus veteran and leader in the fitness industry, always looking to challenge himself he has held many roles.

From Personal Training Manager and later General Manager of an International luxury fitness company- Equinox Fitness Clubs where he assisted in opening their first facility outside of the New York marketplace in Los Angeles. To securing a publishing deal after being rejected 6 times and then releasing his book “The Final Makeover” which landed him appearances on multiple media outlets such as Fitness Magazine, Cooking Light, Lifetime Television, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX as well as ongoing publications in national magazines as a writer.

Dino is also a speaker for national conventions, universities and churches. He believes fitness and health is found in all shapes and sizes and the industry needs to focus more on the health benefits, pain free living and vitality over the aesthetic driven marketing seen most consistently.





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