I have been training clients one on one and in groups for 6 years. I started training myself from home since I was 13. My love for training came from listening to my dad's football and gym stories as well as movie icons like Rocky Balboa. I always liked training more for strength and performance, and eventually wondered into the powerlifting world. Setting state and world records in a couple powerlifting federations are not only achievements to me, they are the reflection of all the time and effort in the gym; the accumulation of knowledge from other coaches. It's true what they say, knowledge is power. I will always be a learner, but along the way I have been able to help teach others. Help with any fitness goal whether it be looking good for vacation, lifting heavier, and simply living a pain free active life. I'm looking forward to hearing about your fitness journey and where you want to get. Get in contact with me and let's chat!

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