Isaac Calvert – Prestige-Fit
Health and Fitness Expert, Sports Nutritionist, Obstacle Racing/Adventure Racing Athlete, Corporate Health and Fitness Consultant

Isaac and his team are leaders in the health and fitness profession and are having a profound affect on thousands of lives across Australia and New Zealand through his successful hybrid private gym based in Bowen Hills, corporate consulting and speaking, online coaching, social media and written publication opportunities as a means of getting Prestige-Fit’s unique approach out to a wider audience.

As well as being from a very tough upbringing and a very unhealthy life early on, Isaac had the courage to make the decision to take control and change. Isaac achieved an impressive personal transformation which added over 25kg of muscle to his body and losing over 12% body-fat. Isaac now has a true passion for competing in adventure type races having completed multiple ultra- marathon endurance events, on and off-road endurance triathlons, elite endurance mud races and adventure races across Australia and New Zealand.

What sets Isaac apart from the myriad of trainers out there? Four things come to mind.

1. His desire for continual education, growth and personal development throughout his some 12 years in the industry.
2. His unfailing dedication to guiding you through the misinformation out there, and educating you with the latest scientific research about how to look, feel, and perform at your best everyday.
3. His genuine professionalism, kindness and honesty by being the unreasonable friend that we
all need in our life - but very few of us are lucky enough to have!
4. His consistency with ongoing support and extraordinary customer service that makes the experience five-star every time.

Working with Isaac will guarantee you results you never thought possible regardless of whether you are new to exercise, or are a seasoned athlete with specific sporting goals. Most importantly, unlike many other programs out there, he will show you how to look, feel, and perform at your best in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable, so you can keep getting better and better with age!


Isaac Calvert
0420 455 770




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