My name is Jennifer and am the founder of Fitness From Within by JSP, my goal is to help you renew your strength by closing the gaps within your training, building a solid foundation that leads to long lasting results.    Did you know we were FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE?   We all were gifted with a unique, powerful, resilient body, not fragile or weak. Our bodies ability to adapt and change through stimulus never changes.   Training is not something that stays at the gym, it is the ability to practice what we learn on a daily basis to strengthen our body physically and mentally. If you feel you are too far gone, in pain or lack motivation, let me remind you that we were given the ability to strengthen our nerve system, renew our mind and live a fulfilling life. As everything, it takes time, consistency and faith.   How do we do it?   We are all unique and I don’t believe there is such a thing as one fits all. On the other hand as a Pain-free Performance Specialist and Original Strength coach, I believe “The body functions best when it moves as designed to move. ” With the right plan, tools and support, it is possible to restore and renew our strength! Based on Original Strength, our approach focuses on applying the three key principles of human movement to allow a person to strengthen their nervous system and Press RESET on their body. In other words, we return to the original operating system of the body to restore the body.    Versatility and Functional Training    Versatility is a big component in my approach to fitness. When you have a plan and know your goals, functional training tools like ropes, kettlebells, TRX, complement and enhance your training, making it less harmful to your joints, easier to implement and making your daily activities easier. A long term approach that is challenging, fun and effective.    Long Term Approach vs Short term   You don’t want to build a house on sand regardless of how nice it looks for a short period of time. A short term approach can be frustrating, compromise your health and make it hard to reach your true potential. Without the right foundation, it is almost impossible to reach your goals, train safely, not compromise your health and reduce the ability to develop and sustain your fitness attributes. Therefore, foundation is key for me.   Accreditations ACE Personal Trainer ISSA Personal Trainer Pain-free Performance Specialist Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist Battling Rope Instructor Original Strength Coach TRX Suspension Trainer Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Certification – in process  

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