I started out lifting in high school as a means to get better at sports. I fell in love with training and the rest was history. Along the way, I experienced my share of injuries and setbacks, as well as successes. I committed myself to the learning process in order to better myself.

I started my career in health and wellness as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. I've helped the elderly regain the ability to stand up from a chair and I've helped athletes fully recover from total knee replacements and ACL surgeries. What I came to realize is that these individuals still need guidance beyond that point in order to maximize their own function.

In order to do that I set down the path towards becoming a trainer and strength coach while still working in physical therapy. I've trained athletes both individually and with teams. I've worked with powerlifters, champion bodybuilders, as well as the average Jane/Joe. I've continued to learn along the way for the sake of my clients pursuing further education. My credentials include:

  • 10+ years as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA
  • FMT certified for kinesiology taping
  • TRX (suspension training) certified
  • Kettlebell certified
  • Pain-Free Performance Specialist certified

In addition to all of this my most important work is being a husband and father to 2 kids. I enjoy meeting new people and if I put you through a workout, you'll probably hear more than a few movie quotes and/or song lyrics! I teach movement quality over quantity and I believe that effort and consistency trump everything else when it comes to getting results! I'm looking forward to helping you reach your goals!

Train Hard!

Train Better!

Train Forever!

1 Tim 4:8

Jon Habeshy, BS, PTA, CSCS, PPSC




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