My name is Josh Strate. I have been a trainer/coach in the fitness industry since 2011. Starting my career I trained/coached MMA, kickboxing and Muay Thai fighters to become high performing athletes. Being an MMA and Muay Thai fighter himself I am able to understand where my athletes needed to be when getting ready to compete.


Later in my career, my thirst for knowledge led me to pursuing a new career as an Registered Massage Therapist. I have been practicing as a RMT since early 2019. This change in my career has not only increased my knowledge of the body drastically but has also made me a better Personal Trainer because of it. This has led me to specializing in rehabilitation of chronic and acute injuries as well as the transition from rehab back to activity. I believe that everyone at any stage in life, athlete or just starting your fitness journey, should strive to live a pain free life.


I am a huge believer in continued education. When I'm not helping people become the best they can, I am either working on new courses or doing my own research so I can become a better Personal Trainer and RMT.




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