Kat is a Denver-based personal trainer and health coach. She is also a competitive powerlifter, despite having been told by surgeons she would never squat again without knee pain (spoiler alert: they were wrong).

Kat has also helped her clients come back from injuries, do things they never thought they would do again without pain, and experience the life-changing power of strength.

She is deeply invested in her clients’ success, and believes strength and movement should be accessible to everyone. Everyone’s bodies need to move differently because they’re made differently. She's ready to help you figure out the best possible ways for your body to move, get unbreakably strong, and be able to live life doing the things you love.

She is a PPSC Master Coach, a RKC instructor (Russian Kettlebell Challenge), as well as a Precision Nutrition coach. She offers online personal training and health/nutrition coaching, as well as live personal training for those in the Denver area (Brighton and Lakewood).




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