Kelly has been a lifelong lover of movement. As a young child she was a gymnast, tree climber, fort maker and soccer player. Spending time lost in the woods creating, playing, and pretending was the lifeblood of her childhood. Whether it was riding bikes, long walks and runs on the beach, surfing and splashing in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean or sweating it out on the soccer field using her body for sheer pleasure of being a human in a human body was second nature. However, at some point, like many girls, movement became a requirement and means toward a goal. Not just something to do for fun or enjoyment, but a means to stay skinny, to stay desirable, to fit in. Again, like many girls, Kelly developed a pattern of disordered eating and an unhealthy obsession with exercise chasing the dream of perfection. After the birth of her children over a decade ago she had a wake up call and set out on a healing journey which originally began simply as a desire to feel good in her own skin. Peeling off layer after layer of societal and familial messaging revealed some deep truths and a deep calling to empower women not only for ourselves and our lives, but for the generations to come.

Professionally, Kelly has been an educator for over twenty years. Teaching has truly always been her passion. She loves to connect with her students, both children and adults alike, and break concepts down into understandable messages in a joyful way. Leaning heavily on her own healing journey she was inspired to become a NASM certified Personal Trainer, a GGS-1 certified coach and a Painfree Performance Specialist in order to further her calling to work with women on their own wellness journeys. She has a strong desire to help women from the inside out to create lives they love. To move from surviving to thriving. As a full time working mother, Kelly is well acquainted with the challenges facing women in this day and age. The constant societal pressures to achieve, to be all and do all for everyone that keep us trapped on the hamster wheel. It is Kelly’s greatest desire to help coach women in a holistic, embodied way. Her mission includes utilizing a deep and ever evolving understanding of the feminine and the nature of what it is to be a woman on this planet and to use those deeply feminine strengths to unlock the missing piece of the puzzle so many of us are searching for. Through the studying and observation of our monthly menstrual cycles, the wisdom of the seasons and archetypes, Kelly has developed a unique approach to wellness that is in alignment with the natural cycles of a woman’s life rather than the traditional fitness advice largely targeted towards men and men’s bodies. Feeling deeply that women are being called to step into our power now more than ever at this point in our human evolution, Kelly dreams of a world where all women have the tools to understand the complexities and the needs of our ever changing beings as the key to deep nourishment and purpose.

Kelly lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her two children, partner, and two dogs. She considers hiking and walks in the woods essential and can often be found making glorious messes in the kitchen working on her herbal creations. She offers personal training, group fitness classes, customized fitness programming, life coaching, and mother/daughter Rites of Passage and Coming of Age Rituals. She can be reached at or (970) 556 – 4094.




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