If Kris were a cocktail - he would be tough love, dad jokes, and mezcal. He pushes his clients to become better every time they meet, because he understands how important accountability is. Having been an athlete- turned obese, doped up, coach potato with a spinal injury - turned athlete again, he has pushed himself to the limits and expects you to do the same. He will inspire you to fight for your goals, because you deserve to reach them. Don’t let the tough exterior fool you though - Kris loves dance parties with his husky puppy, charcuterie, and to shed a single tear at the end of Brave Heart. If you had a teddy bear with big biceps, and endless knowledge about how to make you better - that would pretty much be Kris. Known as the MacGyver of Movements, his workouts are creative, challenging, and efficient - you will never spin your wheels with ineffective exercise ever again.




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