Movement is medicine.

Hi I am Nadya,  I define myself as a Functional movement and biomechanics expert. Im a trainer with a post graduate education and the experience of 20+ years in the training and fitness industry. As an IFBB pro fitness and figure competitor since 2001, I practice what I teach and understand dedication and commitment to exercise.  I specialize in core training.  Everything from developmental sequencing and DNS through to improving one’s pillar and core development to advanced core training and specific sequencing needed in athletic sport performance. I work on restoration of movement,  preservation of movement and progression to optimal movement. As certified COMT and MPT, kinesiologist and former sport therapist, I have advanced understanding of orthopedics and bring the best of Physical medicine and rehabilitation to training.  I merge the best of two worlds together, fitness with prehabilitation and if needed rehabilitation.  I can use manual techniques, RNT and PNF techniques to improve biomechanics and joyfully train with various forms of exercise from yoga to sports, speed and agility training and weight training.  I follow a philosophy that lifestyle changes lead to long-term weight loss, improved quality of health and life.  Education of our own body and how we move it is so powerful… I hope this to be a lifelong lesson that I can coach and inspire….Movement is medicine.

Take the best care of yourself,

Nadya :)




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