Hi!  I'm Pamela and I'm an online Health Coach and Personal Trainer/Strength Coach.   I work with clients mainly on nutrition and functional health goals, using food, lifestyle modifications, movement & weight training, along with stress management techniques as a way to improve health and vitality, speed up their metabolism and get them looking and feeling their best.  I do limited in-person training sessions for clients as well.  I also work with high school athletes to help them learn nutritional needs for their body and sport along with creating training programs for them to learn the basics of weight lifting so they create healthy habits for life.


I have worked with hundreds of clients, ranging in ages 12 to 85, from cancer patients to college athletes.  My philosophy is to help you create a strong stable base and good form and movement patterns with your body so you can do the things in life you enjoy without pain and feeling strong!  This comes through a combination of changes that I help clients achieve.

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