My personal and professional experiences over the past twelve years have equipped me with a very special set of skills (read below!). All joking (Liam Neeson) aside, I am uniquely qualified to coach anyone who wants to restore or optimize their ability to run (and/or hike). I routinely coach people of all ages and skill levels that are interested in improving their general health or performance in sports. 

I love to move, especially in natural environments. My favorite activity is trail running in ultra minimalist shoes or barefoot. My favorite lift is currently the clean and split jerk. After being diagnosised with Chiari Malformation in 2009, I was honorably discharge from my USAF Special Forces training position. Up to that point I had never been more"fit", but what I learned was fitness doesn't equal health. I was fit but not healthy, as I was over training, and not in tune with my nutrition nor sleep. In late 2010, I decided to return to college to study health and human performance, determined to learn everything i could to regain my health and optimize my fitness sustainably. It has been 12 years now and I can gladly sayt I achieved those goals, and for 8 of those 12 years I went episode free from triggering a Chiari event. I am eager to coach anyone who has a willingness to learn and desire to grow in their health.

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