Rafael knows the value of a balanced diet, hard work, and proper motivation to meet weight and exercise goals. During his youth and young adult years in Latin America, he played soccer, swam laps, and did street dance at his local church. However, as the years went by, his physical activity decreased, his portions increased, and so did his weight. One day he realized if he didn’t make a major lifestyle shift, his health would be in jeopardy. Through regimented nutrition, hitting the pavement to run and bike daily, and determination, he lost 50 kg (110 lbs) in 12 months.

Once he learned that attaining your fitness goals was entirely possibly, Rafael decided he was going to help others do the same, enabling them to reach their full potential through eating well and training hard. After getting certified as a Personal Trainer, Rafael dedicated time to specialized certifications in Functional Training, which he employs with his clients daily, including those in the 50+ age bracket. Using his knowledge of exercise nutrition and Precision Nutrition Certification, he works with clients to build out a healthy but realistic meal plan.

Rafael is excited to work with his clients through personalized training programs that are fun and diversified. Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or just stay in top form, Rafael will get you to your goals.

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