A non-traditional path to the fitness industry, Shane graduated in 2009 from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH with a BA in Philosophy.  With the philosophy job market being shockingly dry at the time, Shane pursued an opportunity as the Residential Recreational Coordinator at the Benedictine School for Exceptional Children in Ridgely, Maryland.  While working at the Benedictine School, Shane lost nearly 70 pounds with a reignited passion in fitness and nutrition.

In late 2010 Shane returned to North Carolina with the intentions of earning his Master’s in Social Work.  While deferring his acceptance to programs awaiting in-state tuition, Shane worked as a case manager in Durham and began studying for his personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  In 2011, Shane began training as a side job but it quickly turned into a driving passion leading him to change career paths entirely.

In Spring 2012, Shane enrolled at East Carolina University in prerequisite courses, soon earning acceptance to the Biomechanics program.  The Biomechanics program afforded Shane the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of human movement and exercise physiology.  Furthermore, he was able to apply what he was learning the classroom real-time with his personal training clients.

While in graduate school, Shane won a grant through The American Society of Biomechanics for his thesis research on the age-associated changes in gait, completed a semester-long internship with Youngs Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation in Greenville, NC and continued to add to his repertoire of certifications including Certified Functional Strength Coach and Precision Nutrition.  Additonally, Shane and his brother, Brendan, founded Optimum Strength, LLC, a personal training company in Greenville, NC.  After 3 years running Optimum Strength, training men and women from various backgrounds, skill, and fitness levels, Shane and his brother made another tough decision — to say goodbye to their clients and friends and move back to the Triangle area.

After a couple of years back in the area, working at a local corporate gym, Shane is excited to embark on this new venture with his family and Peak City Gym, here in Apex! When he’s not in the gym, Shane enjoys spending time with his fiancée, Ashley, and kids Khloe and Jayse.  He also enjoys cooking, hanging out by the pool with his dog, Riley, and helping coach lacrosse.




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