Hey there, I'm Shawn Wong and I help working professionals achieve pain-free and sustainable long-term fitness progress by moving, eating, and living better. Whether you're on the third day or third year of your fitness journey, I'm here to help you achieve progressive results.

Using my own roller-coaster-ride of an experience, being plump, skinny fat, anorexic, and injury-prone at one point (knee and lower back) have given me an invaluable understanding of the respective challenges that one has to go through in these situations.

As the saying goes, “Tough times don't define you, they REFINE you”. I found my purpose while going through the rubbles of the past. Which is to help unstuck others that were once like me. To help people understand that they're not alone. To show them that they CAN achieve their goals in spite of their adversities. To empower. To educate.

Fast forward to the present time. With my coaching experience of over 200 people from different walks of life, it's now MY MISSION to help others create better relationships with their food, bodies, and fitness lifestyle. I do all this through my educational coaching sessions which are available in-person and remotely via Built By Habits Fitness Lifestyle Coaching.

If you're game to make a positive change to your life, please feel free to explore Built By Habits. If you want to see how our members and myself are like on social media, check us out on Facebook or Instagram. Until our next conversation, stay safe and mindful!




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