Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner is the Owner of Speakeasy of Strength in Brooklyn, NY.

Steve got into fitness in his mid-thirties with the singular goal of becoming a strong parent. Speakeasy of Strength offers Personal Training and Online Coaching.

As a DVRT and Original Strength Master Instructor, (when not in a pandemic) Fury travels the world teaching certifications and workshops.

During the pandemic, Steve partnered with Tina Morin (owner of MSC Strength) to create Die Mighty Method: A Non-dogmatic and Practical Guide to Teaching the Big 6 Kettlebell Movements.

Fury is also the creator of Coach Fury Podcast where he discusses strength, music and movies with current and upcoming heroes in fitness, music and art.

Did we mention he has an awesome Godzilla collection?

Live long, be strong and DIE MIGHTY!




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