"You don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing". As a coach, it is my job to help others change habits and exhibit their best selves. I do this by leading as an example to patients and clients I connect with.   


  • Booty bootcamp
  • Explosive Athletic performance
  • Running Technique
  • Kettlebells
  • Geriatrics
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Professional Pep-talking



  • Syracuse University 16’
    • BS Health and Exercise Science
      • Minor in Biology and marketing focus



  • PPSC level 2: pain free performance specialist certification, 2021 
  • PPSC level 1: pain free performance specialist certification, 2019 
  • EXOS: linear speed development certification, 2019 
  • NASM: Certified Personal Trainer, 2015 
  • Escape Fitness: Power Training certification, 2017 
  • Escape Fitness: SandBag Certification, 2017 
  • SBT: TRX suspension trainer certification, 2017 
  • CPR/First Aid certified, 2012   



  • TiviTraining LLC 
  • Fit Athletic Club 
  • Iron Orr Fitness: San Diego Seals National Lacrosse League 
  • F45 
  • Catalyst Fitness 
  • LA fitness 
  • Orange Theory Fitness 
  • Syracuse University: Personal Trainer 
  • Shatkin F.I.R.S.T: Medical Assistant 



  • Northtown Orthopedics 
  • Pediatrics Obesity Research Study at Women and Children’s Hospital Kaleida 
  • Kenton Physical Therapy 
  • Syracuse University Athletics Department, Strength and Conditioning 
  • Erie County Medical Hospital: Orthopedics and Emergency   



  • Thursday Morning Athletic Club (TMAC): Creator
  • Unity 4 Orphans, non-profit: volunteering 
  • Phi Delta Epsilon pre-medical fraternity: Positions in PR and Marketing 
  • St. Jude, Delta Delta Delta: Activities Chairman, Recruitment Committee 
  • Syracuse University Women’s Club Lacrosse 
  • Shadows of Health & Red Cross Association blood drives: Red Cord Honor 
  • Medical Brigade, Honduras: Volunteering 
  • Graduate Research Study: whey protein on elderly adults 
  • University Union Entertainment 
  • Israel Abroad: Birthright     


How Tivi Became TiviTraining

At Syracuse University, I pursued medical school through my undergraduate career while working as a medical assistant in the summers. I spent most of my time working with orthopedic doctors, shadowing surgery whenever I could and playing college lacrosse. After incurring my own set of injuries, I learned that surgery should be a last resort. 

During my application process to medical school I began to personal train part-time. I found the importance of working as the first-line of defense against chronic pain and sickness as a coach and trainer. 

The patient-focused care I provided as a medical/dental assistant helped me build strong interpersonal skills that allowed me to succeed in meeting clients' goals. In addition to providing individualized care one-on-one, I learned to balance a high-patient load and maneuver easily in a fast-paced environment. 

The overlap between chronic illness and a poor diet, and between chronic pain and poor movement patterns is staggering. For this reason I chose Personal Training as my full-time career. In Buffalo, NY and San Diego, CA I trained at various facilities specializing in geriatrics, high-performance level athletes and everything in between. I worked in the athletics department at Syracuse University and on to the San Diego Seals National Lacrosse league. 25,000 hours of coaching experience accrued and I still prioritize education by teaching seminars and investing into certifications. 

In college, I held leadership roles in clubs and volunteering. To continue pursuing community outreach, I've conducted non-profit bootcamps to under-resourced demographics in Buffalo, I’ve made monthly visits to Tijuana orphanages with Unity4Orphans non-profit, and I’ve created mental health pandemic-relief support groups (Thursday Morning Athletic Club). Developing this kind of emotional intelligence has boosted team performance both in the workplace and on the field. 

The conditions of the pandemic allowed me to create TiviTraining LLC, online and remote coaching. Curating its success included exploring and implementing new technology while increasing consistent, genuine communication over the phone. 

Now, I prescribe customized, proactive programs tailored to the success of each client's goals. Through managing my client's health profiles virtually, I increase efficiency by providing the tools to alleviate pain and prevent future injuries. 

I plan to bridge gaps between pain and pharmacology by educating proper biomechanics nutrition, and healthy mindset.



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