Rehab Strong(ER) Certification

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PPSC is proud to announce Physical Therapy CEU approval for the PPSC Foundations Course!

Do you want to know more about how to “bridge the gap” from rehab to performance?  Do you want to take your patients outcomes to a higher level with strength training but do not feel confident in how to get there?

There is a well defined and evidence supported gap that exists between rehab education and real work application.  89% of Physical Therapists agree that prescribing resistance exercise is part of their role however only 49% feel confident in doing so* 

An annual increase in sedentary lifestyles and inactivity demonstrate the need for more exercise based interventions and we believe Rehab Pros should be on the front lines as leaders in Preventative, Pro-active Health Care. 

We will be spending time not only discussing but also coaching each other in real time in order to improve application and confidence in the PPSC system.

The 2-Day Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC) is an integrated prevention based system for personal trainers, coaches and fitness professional to optimize their client’s fitness and performance around the common presence of pain, dysfunction and injuries. In this 16-hour certification course, attendees will master some of the most powerful injury prevention based theories, methods and modalities to take instant action in the implementation of Dr. John Rusin’s Pain-Free Performance Training System, including:

  1. Optimizing the 6 Foundational Movement Patterns
  2. Real Time Movement Patterns Screening Protocols
  3. Advanced Assessments of the Shoulder, Hip, Ankle and Low Back
  4. The 6-Phase Dynamic Warm Up and Rehab Sequencing System
  5. Soft Tissue, Self Myofascial Release Drills
  6. Mobility and Corrective Exercise Protocols
  7. Postural Reeducation and Activation Drills
  8. Central Nervous System Stimulation Strategies
  9. Pain-Free Programming via Movement Pattern Pyramid System
  10. Coaching and Curing the Foundational Movement Patterns
  11. Building Long Term Health Through Pain-Free Strength and Resilience


If you need or want to pay this in a split payment plan, please email and we can arrange that for you.

The PPSC was developed by Dr John Rusin, and then polished with the PPSC team of  Board Certified Physical Therapists and Strength Coaches.

The cert is good for 14-16 contact hours (state dependent) for PT and PTAs as well as CSCS and all other training certifications with self reporting.

Events will generally be 10-6 on Saturday and 9-5 Sunday (but may need small changes based on the individual club)

*Many physiotherapists lack preparedness to prescribe physical activity and exercise to people with musculoskeletal pain: A. multi-national survey. C J Barton et al. Phys Ther Sport 2021 May.

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Seattle, WA June 24-25, Dallas, Texas July 15-16, Boise, Idaho August 19-20, Concord, NH September 30-October 1, Castro Valley, CA October 7-8, Huntington Beach, CA October 21-22, NYC, NY December 9-10

Gina Bauman

Gina Bauman

“The PPSC programs and certifications have not only improved my personal fitness level
and performance, but have greatly improved my ability to coach my students at all levels, and deal with numerous physical limitations often seen today. I feel confident in coaching people who feel they have been broken and making them feel strong, and identifying weaknesses in those who are strong to make sure they stay that way. Best training in the industry!”

Steph Niciarz

Steph Niciarz

“We were able to bring our whole team and it was the best experience. We have a range of new to experienced trainers and we all got something new out of it! It was the perfect package of new theory (on programming, prehab, etc) and practical application (cueing, supersets, etc). It’s absolutely the best overall course to learn how to really help your clients progress without pain. We’ve already started using what we learned and our clients are loving it!”

Ashley Szabo

Ashley Szabo

“Just when I thought the PPSC team couldn’t possibly deliver any more value, they outdid themselves once again! I can’t tell you how many times I had “Ah-ha!” moments during this PPSCx weekend. Right after the first lunch break, I looked at my business partner and said “This is REALLY good! We needed this!” I have been a coach for 7 years, and I have been a gym owner for 2 years. This new certification gave me many new tools to implement in my facility in terms of programming, coaching systems, and client interactions. Plus, the networking opportunity with other like-minded individuals was incredibly valuable. David and Clif made this weekend jammed packed with tons of fantastic information, and they delivered it in a way that was interactive, FUN, and easy to implement immediately with my clients. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this event, and I’d honestly do it 10 times over. Thank you PPSC for making me a better coach and leader. Thank you for helping me help others change their lives through fitness. You guys rock!”