Welcome to your PPSCxProgramming

For better lasting fat loss results we should be chasing high high intensity for everything

The perfect sets x reps numbers exist for large groups of people

What is the first step in creating a program for someone?

What is the biggest factors determining how you will need to program for group?

Mixed ESD training days means...

For general health and FOREVER clients, how many times per week do we recommend moderate and high intensity ESD/Cardio training?

In Flexibility and mobility training, if it "feels sketchy" then it is...

We should use advanced intensity techniques with clients as soon as possible

What does S.A.Q. Stand for?

Metabolic finishers on strength focused workouts are...

What are the three types of Primer sets we use?

Which method does this describe "GET STRONGER! Lifting as heavy as possible! Increased intra- and intermuscular coordination. High neurological and physical demand.

LISS means....

Frequent rotation of exercises with simultaneous emphasis on multiple training qualities during the microcycle" describes what type of programming style

Training a muscle group once per week is the best method for hypertrophy

More volume is always better for hypertrophy

What exercise would be best for hamstring hypertrophy?

What are the three main drivers of muscle growth?

____?_____ are small tweaks in exercise technique that keep a movement pattern constant while preventing training plateaus.

What is a bridge client?

What number out of a 10 pain scale should we not go above in training

Which is true...

An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with, or resembling that associated with, actual or potential tissue damage" is what...

How can we better impact client results?

RIR stands for what?