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John Rusin and David Otey

How Much Does Personal Training Cost!?

No matter how many coaches I talk to, the same questions always comes up in conversation: how much should I be charging? There can be an automatic “it depends” response attached to that questions but it gets asked so much for a reason. Most coaches out there really have no[…]

Gini Grimsley

Training the Former Athlete

Almost everyone in fitness or strength & conditioning wants to work with athletes at some point early in their career. But what happens to these athletes once they hang up their proverbial cleats? We know that many of the gen pop clients we take on have 30 plus years of[…]

Martha Marello

Real Recovery – Why You Need It and How To Do It Effectively

Recovery is one of those fitness terms that gets thrown around a lot but is not often explained. We assume we know what it means – give the body time to rest and heal – but do we know how to do it effectively? Because, I took a day off[…]

Tasha Whelan

Mental Performance Training: The Missing Piece to Your Success

Mental Performance Training: The Missing Piece to your Success As coaches, trainers, and other fitness professionals we spend countless hours trying come up with the ideal game and strive to perfect the art of program design via exercise selection, appropriate intensity levels, movement strategy, various reps and sets schemes, ways[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Continued Education – Quick How-To Guide

Quick professional education productivity tip for our PPSC Coaches who want to study up daily, but are crunched for time… Have a goal for STUDYING one single article per day When it comes to reading, learning, mastering, applying and making a method automatic, we need more than headlines and scrolls.[…]

Logan Dubé

The Perfect Cueing Formula

As a former club manager one of the things that was always really obvious to me when interviewing a potential hire was that a more experienced trainer had a good cueing vocabulary and often repeated useful cues across different exercises (i.e. core, posture, breathing and motivation,). A new trainer tended[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Basic Variables for Client Success Most Coaches Overlook

“Losing weight and being healthy is as simple as exercising MORE and eating LESS! Calories in versus calories out!” How many times have we heard this statement? While it does have merit (math does, indeed, matter) it’s not quite that simple. If it was would our western society have the[…]

Logan Dubé

5 Powerful Coaching Questions for Progress and Results

What do you do with “difficult” clients? The ones who show up late, skip sessions, disregard your advice, sabotage themselves, lack focus, lack dedication & consistency or push back against your recommendations. The hypochondriacs, the Dr. Google & Professor YouTube types, the scaredy-cats… I could go on. We’ve probably all[…]

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